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About Julian Salter Company

What makes an insurance agency great? At Julian Salter Insurance, located in Port Arthur, TX, we believe it’s the people dedicated to helping you find the best coverages at rates that fit your budget. We guide you through the entire process of buying homeowners, auto, or commercial insurance and answer all of your questions along the way.
Insurance Agency - Port Arthur, TX

Our History

Founded in 1900 by maritime captain Roddick Steele, his first customer was himself, insuring his many cargos leaving Port Arthur for the world. Julian Salter joined him in the early 1920s, and along with a fellow by the name of Charles Bunge they grew into a successful full lines agency. Charles had a side gig with the Holland Hypotike Bank to make loans to recent settlers from Holland. So they set up a separate pay window for the bank inside their insurance offices. That same pay window is at our reception desk today. Julian liked dabbling in real estate. During the depression, he bought the old, defunct Interurban Railway’s right-of-way and then sold lots back to the bordering property owners all up and down the Beaumont-Port Arthur Line. Times were tough, but they always found ways to identify and then meet the needs of their market.

Julian ‘Clayton” Salter joined his dad after Korea in the 1950’s and later developed lasting relationships with a number of regional and national insurance brokerage houses that have served the agency well. Stuart Salter joined his father, Clayton, in 1986 after a career in banking himself. In addition to marine and public entity insurance expertise, Stuart is a licensed and certified Risk Manager. He offers several fee-based services, including Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Financing options, and program implementation and monitoring services.

Agency Owner / Risk Manager

Stuart is a third generation independent insurance agent and is a licensed and certified risk manager. Stuart’s main role within the agency is in operations and as a customer claims advocate. Stuart enjoys dissecting insurance polices and discovering creative ways to deal with emerging risks. He makes himself available to all agency clients as a consultant and is a frequent speaker at area roundtables on the topic of insurance and Risk Management. 

Stuart Salter - Agency Owner/Risk Manager - Port Arthur, TX

Agency Manager / Personal Lines Manager

Keri has over 25 years of personal lines insurance experience. She really knows her stuff. Her experience includes dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s five feet of water in her own home. She understands good claims service is critical. And she enjoys a good challenge. She has the skills and inclination to tackle even the most difficult risks.

Keri Praznik - Agency/Personal Lines Manager - Port Arthur, TX

Personal Lines Team Member

Sheryl has almost 30 years of insurance industry experience and has been with Julian Salter Company since 2002. Sheryl provides expert support services directly to customers, or as needed by the team. There isn’t anything she hasn’t already encountered as a customer service representative, and she uses her extensive experience to anticipate her customer’s needs and address them in advance.

Personal Lines Team Member

Krystal started her insurance career with Julian Salter Company back in 2010. She worked in the commercial lines area before being stolen by Keri Praznik to join her personal lines team. Krystal’s can-do spirit and detail-oriented nature lend themselves well to her supporting role.

Krystal McIntyre - Personal Lines Team Member - Port Arthur, TX

Commercial Lines Manager

Tabby was introduced to the insurance industry back in 2004 right here at Julian Salter Company. Brought on as a part-timer to help with special projects, Tabby quickly distinguished herself as a quick study with a willingness to work until the job was done to everyone’s satisfaction. Tabby was brought into our commercial lines area, quickly became a licensed and certified professional, and has been the face of our commercial lines service team for almost 20 years.

Tabbitha Mathewson - Commercial Lines Manager - Port Arthur, TX

Commercial Lines Team Member

Ashley is our newest team member. Ashley joined up immediately after Hurricane Harvey to help in any way she could. She was so helpful that she is now a full-fledged commercial lines team member and has begun pursuing her insurance industry education. Ashley is a vibrant and energetic individual that brings vitality and a youthful perspective to all she encounters.

Ashley Aguilar - Commercial Lines Manager - Port Arthur, TX

Office Manager / Accounting

Debbie keeps everybody honest. Stolen from the Crouch Insurance Agency as part of their acquisition in 2008, Debbie has become a key figure within the agency. In addition to agency accounting, Debbie handles company contract compliance, customer payments, vendor services, supplies and maintenance, and many other critical functions as well.

Debbie Daigle - Office Manager/Accounting - Port Arthur, TX

Industry Professional Designations We Hold

  • Accredited Advisor in Insurance
  • Certified Insurance Counselor
  • Certified Marine Insurance Professional
  • Construction Risk Insurance Specialist
  • Certified Risk Manager
  • Certified Personal Risk Manager
  • Accredited Customer Service Representative
  • Certified Insurance Service Representative
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