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Marine Insurance

Port Arthur, TX is host to the largest oil refinery in the US, and since our city is a seaport, Julian Salter Company is proud to offer marine insurance to our area businesses. Marine transport poses a significant risk due to natural occurrences which can harm the cargo and the ship. These could cause extraordinary financial loss to the transporter and the shipping corporation.
Marine Insurance - Port Arthur, TX

Benefits of Marine Insurance

As with all insurance, you get the peace of mind that should something go wrong, you are covered. Marine insurance, specifically, factors in all risks including the risk of losing valuable cargo or ships, damage due to the environment, and losing lives due to accidents. Much like certain coverages found in auto and homeowners insurance policies, if the hull or inner workings of the ship are damaged, your ship is covered. Protection & Indemnity Insurance covers liabilities to the third party and risks not covered by standard hull and machinery policies.

Marine Insurance Coverages

  • Hull Insurance
  • Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity Insurance (P&I)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Freight, Demurrage, and Defense Insurance (FD&D)
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
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